Sinclair Charter Agreement

Sinclair and Comcast signed a new re-broadcast agreement on March 3, 2011; this agreement was negotiated without any public declaration or announcement. [203] [204] Comcast, the region`s largest television operator (with approximately 1.5 million subscribers), has agreed to rebroadcast Marquee on July 24 (in time for the Cubs` opening game) as part of a larger renewal for Sinclair`s television and cable networks. [29] The CEO stated that Sinclair was continuing to speak with DISH and added that he was confident that the two companies would finally reach a “mutually acceptable” promotional agreement. Sinclair signed an agreement in June 2014 to transfer the classic GetTV subchannel film network to 33 markets by the end of September. [62] In July of that year, Sinclair announced the launch of the American Sports Network (ASN), which operates with Sinclair Networks. The service, which produces and distributes college sports programming, is mainly on Sinclair channels. [63] ASN was founded as part of the original business, non-news, content creation beyond the ring of honorary wrestling and school sport. On August 21, 2014, the company announced the creation of Sinclair Original Programming, a new entertainment and commercial content division. The company also announced plans for a future network of new cable.

The Chief Operating Officer of the Original Programming Division has been appointed Arthur Hasson, General Manager of Sinclair Stations in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. [64] On August 20, 2014, Sinclair announced an exchange of WTTA in Tampa and KXRM-TV and KXTU-LD in Colorado Springs for Media General in exchange for WJAR in Providence, Rhode Island, WLUK-TV and WCWF in Green Bay and WTGS in Savannah, Georgia. The agreement was part of the merger between Media General and LIN Media, then owner of WLUK and WCWF and operator of WTGS, since Media General and LIN both owned stations in the three markets that required the two companies to sell stations in conflict markets, with the FCC recently deciding to consider sharing agreements between different chains of takers. [65] [66] The swap was approved by the FCC at the same time as the merger of Media General-LIN on December 12, 2014. [67] Chesapeake Engineering Placement Service changed its name to Chesapeake Television Corporation and founded its WBFF property in Baltimore on April 11, 1971.

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