Use Social Media & GoDaddy Renewal Coupons to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Social media social is increasingly becoming an essential aspect of blogging. Of course, there could be other ways of doing it, but social media gives you that crucial opportunity of reaching many people across the globe who want to hear what you have for them. You simply cannot establish a blogging site and expect people to miraculously locate it and follow you! I wish it were that easy but trust me it doesn’t happen that way. Instead, you must learn some traffic driving techniques that will give you the potential to fully utilize the internet to your advantage and social media gives you exactly that.

Give Away Something, Like GoDaddy Renewal Coupons

Posting engaging content on social media is great, but at some point you are going to want people to visit your website. If you want them to do that, you are going to have to offer them something enticing. A simple one that won’t cost you any money and takes very little time is to round up some coupon codes for something that your followers use and then place them in a post on your website. If they want the coupons, they need to visit the site. Odds are, while they are there they might click on some of your other content. You can find tons of coupons by doing a quick Google search, we found these GoDaddy renewal coupons very easily: Of course this is just an example, you could offer up coupons for just about anything.

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Social Media

While there has been much rumbling on the significance of social media over the last few years such debates are pretty outdated now, yes it can be a great tool for connecting and communicating with your ideal audience. However, if strategically utilized, social media can also generate traffic or qualified leads to your site. Below I teach you how to prioritize the use of social media to drive traffic to your blog.

How do you drive traffic to your website form social media?

Increasing social media traffic only happens when you optimize the presence on your social platforms it can be through engaging or building a relationship with prospective visitors on each social platform, being readily available to potential buyers or brand loyalists and many more. Getting to know what works for your specific line of business will be a matter of trial and error, but once you get the hang of it, social media has a great potential of driving a lot of traffic to your blog.


Facebook is a game changer when it comes to boosting traffic to your blog; Facebook is primarily crucial if your focus is on a B2C relationship. It allows you to nurture various contact channels to your clients through means such as videos and photos in the most effective way. For instance, photos have great eye-catching capabilities they can easily draw the attention of a visitors scrolling down the feeds on his/ her page. The use of links and text post can also make wonders in boosting traffic to your blog. When sharing a link, for instance, it always pops up a preview which is good for attracting visitors to your site. Joining many Facebook groups will help you make diverse connections and gives you a chance to learn from other bloggers as you promote your blog to the large audience available.


Pinterest is great when it comes to visual effects; it is particularly good for aspiration, instruction, and inspiration so if your blog is visual oriented make sure you optimize it for image sharing. Strictly no grainy pictures here you can join group boards from where you can promote your content to a broader audience. Remember content is everything whether you are posting on Pinterest, Facebook, or elsewhere. To attract the attention of your visitors you need to ensure the content is as relevant as possible.


Twitter also works on the similar principles as other social media networks; it allows you to share content as written texts, photos or videos. Depending on your kind of blog you will need to ensure your audience gets exactly what they want, other than tweeting just your tweets you could retweet other peoples tweets and that can work wonders in driving traffic to your site. Make sure that what you post here is of exceptionally of high quality, exciting and that it offers value to your followers.


Unlike other social platforms, Instagram only permits videos and pictures. However, this should not limit you; you can use the different channels such as joining teams, producing quick tutorials, generating product/services images and much more to lure visitors to your blog.


Research has it that YouTube is the third most visited website in the world, this means it receives tons of viewers each day that you can potentially direct to your site. You can do it through sharing videos through your blog and in return it will not only help you create a contact link with your viewer but also help attract more and more viewers to your blog. All you need is to keep the videos short and straight to the point.