Frontpage Hosting Guide

When Your Company Wants To Use Outdated Software

Frontpage officially stopped being supported by Microsoft in 2007, but you wouldn’t know it by looking at today’s corporate culture. There are tens of thousands of small businesses that still use Microsoft Frontpage for their web development/design needs.

Even though it’s archaic, there’s likely nothing you can do about it. Your company uses Frontpage, and the employees are only trained on using it. So what can you do?

The demand for Frontpage is large enough that several hosts still carry extensions on their servers to help you support Frontpage. These extensions are server side, and they are absolutely required for Frontpage to work at all.

The Following Companies Still Actively Carry Extensions:

The list is dwindling by the year, but you can still find quite a few web hosting companies willing to support Microsoft Frontpage. The small business market is a large and profitable sector of the market for hosting companies, so we imagine that they will continue offering services until it’s no longer profitable. Even though you aren’t in a situation where you have a lot of choice on which hosting company you can use, you can still try to save some money by taking a look at CouponLynx – online promo codes that work!. They will likely have coupons for the above companies (especially GoDaddy).

Even then, we’re sure someone out there will start their own hosting company and add Frontpage extension support, just so that they can get those customers that refuse to move onto newer services.

These companies, for sure, do not support Frontpage anymore:

  • Inmotion
  • Bluehost
  • Hostnine
  • Mediatemple
  • Arvixe
  • Namecheap