Trent Residence Agreement

At the end of June, on your application for residence, you will receive a letter of selection time to your email address, provided that you have met all the conditions of your application before the application deadline (11:59 a.m., June 1, 2021). The Timeslots of choice rooms are ordered on the queue for the first-come first served lounge. If you have the selection of rooms at your disposal, log in to the apartment gate and choose your room from the beds at your disposal. The university recognizes the unique circumstances around COVID-19. Therefore, if any of the circumstances described below were completed, Housing Services would contact all applicants to inform them of a period within which they would be required to notify accommodation services for a full refund of their deposit. If Student Housing Services does not notify of its cancellation before the specified date, no refund will be granted. If you are a returning student, you can apply when the application for residence begins on March 1, 2021 at noon. To be considered for the stay, returning students must meet the following application requirements. For returning students who are not entitled to a guaranteed stay, we cordially invite you to apply and join our waiting list. Wondering what supports are available to make sure you feel healthy, safe and safe while you live in the residence? Here`s a quick snapshot.

If you would like to have a personalized accessibility – unique needs in the residence due to medical, disabled or religious needs, please fill out the accessibility form – unique needs in residence in the application process and refer to the Website Accessibility – Unique Needs in residence for more information. E-mail so we can apply your application fee and deposit to your new app. The deposit will only be released if you have asked Housing Services to maintain your deposit until the winter semester or if it has not been repaid on that date. Housing is about making friends, trying new things and feeling part of a warm and caring community. And that`s why so many former students have such fond memories of their time at the residence. To request a room in residence, please meet the following application requirements: 2 e-mail to let us know of their reprieve in the fall 2021/2022 study year so that we can refund your $500 deposit. Students or families affected by the pandemic can contact accommodation services to discuss the exceptional circumstances of this directive by emailing The standards of residence describe the basics of appropriate co-location behaviour and how we manage inappropriate behaviour.

We hope that our students will take into account the impact of their choices on their own student well-being, on the well-being of others and on the roommate.

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